About First Hack

As alumni of Coding Dojo, a 14 week immersive multi-stack coding bootcamp, the organizers of 'First Hack' were compelled to continue to work together to empower newer developers and developers to-be. Our goal was to create a community that would come together and "level-up" their coding skills while delivering a fully functional web platform to a non-profit or small business that served the greater good. We are designed to be more "newbie-friendly" by providing volunteer mentors throughout the event to help get through troublesome sticking points.

About First Hack Organizers

Although each of our organizers are now Full Stack Web Developers, they also bring our their unique skill sets and interests and contribute those to the benefit of the community.

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Oscar Cortazar-Luebbert

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | Python | DNN

First Hack Focus: Beard Management, Open-Source Contributor

Former oil and gas engineer with a passion for web application development. He's a bilingual easy-to-like guy with a nice beard.
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Tiffany Thompson

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | LAMP

First Hack Focus: Engagement Captain, Front-end, Graphics, Communications

Non-profit ambassador and former data analyst with a passion for web application development. Tiffany is an intelligent results driven person with skill and professionalism.
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Cody Williams

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | LAMP

First Hack Focus: Product Management, Open-Source Contributor

Formerly known as 'Cody the Grey', he has become a "Neo-like" web application developer who has transcended and finally answered his true calling.
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Terry Thomas

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | LAMP

First Hack Focus: Business Development, Project Management, Mentor Captain, Open-Source Contributor

A Silicon Valley startup expat with a passion for web application development. A natural networker and one who rises to the challenge, Terry fits naturally in a small to mid-size startup or client facing environment.
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Farhan S

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | .Net

First Hack Focus: Not missing meetings, Open-Source Contributor

Farhan’s ability to ingest new technical information and turn it around in a practical application makes him a natural pacesetter. He’s a go-to destination for making sure the job gets done efficiently and timely.
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Ryan Culpepper

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | Python

First Hack Focus: Finance Management, Sponsor Captain, Open-Source Contributor, Event MC

An avid DIYer and human and computer language learning ethusiast. He's always up for learning and trying new things and helping others do the same. Actively learning about: second language acquisiton, new JS/CSS frameworks, Data Science
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Chris Ulanowicz

MEAN | Ruby on Rails | LAMP

First Hack Focus: DevOps, Social Media, Open-Source Contributor

Naturally self-driven and displays an impressive commitment to grasping and mastering complex logic ranging from The Tower Of Hanoi algorithm, multi-stack programming languages, to the fairly deep understanding of the inner fundamentals of the computer system itself.